Full Moon Rising

A retro platformer



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Full Moon Rising is a platformer where you play a friendly gentleman who has to travel through his city's dangerous streets in search of an object his wife has requested.

That said, getting this object will mean traversing a ton of streets full of dangers like vagabonds who throw bottles and other trash, electric eels that jump out of different puddles around the city, and bats.

Luckily, despite things being very complicated on the way there because your character won't have anything to defend himself, the way back will be much easier. The game gets easier because your character will be transformed into a dangerous guard dog.

And of course, once you become a dog you'll be able to bite your enemies and return the attacks you received a few minutes earlier. In fact, you'll be able to kill dozens of vagabonds once you become a dog.

Full Moon Rising is a platformer with a retro aesthetic that, despite being short, is a very fun game. Also, its difficulty is very well-adjusted to offer a good challenge that won't end up frustrating you.
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